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          • +86(025)-52776773
          • prochain#prochain.cn
          CH / EN
          Prochain International Group

          Science and technology support, low carbon development
          benefit people's livelihood and create a future?

          • Advanced equipment

            The company has all kinds of waste recycling machinery, metal packer and plastic crusher, to improve operational efficiency, better service to customers

          • Professional team

            Mature business personnel with good quality can solve the problem of long-term cooperation, and formulate long-term cooperation recycling scheme for the factory.

          • Mutual benefit and win-win

            The company in line with the "fair and just, honest and trustworthy, mutual benefit, small profits and quick turnover" business philosophy, as well as good business reputation.

          • About Us

                   Shixing international group was founded by Pro chain international group. In 1998, the Shixing group was based in Chinese mainland. Set up the first wholly-owned company in Fuzhou, effectively combined with talents and technology, to provide customers with complete services from steel structure design, engineering and technical support, steel structure manufacturing and construction, and installation, so as to create instant benefits of both quality, cost and delivery time for domestic and foreign enterprises In East China, South China, central China, Southwest China, Northeast China, Taiwan and other places, Shixing group has made great efforts to seek breakthroughs in the field of steel structure construction, and has become a partner of many well-known enterprises and brands with its own advantages and reputation.

          • Turn waste into treasure, protect environment and create benefit together?????
          Xinxin automobile brake system
          Wuxi Bosch
          Zhangzhou Zhengxin
          Jimei Zhengxin
          Chongqing natefu
          Kaiyang, Nanjing
          Fuzhou Dongyang plastics
          Southeast metal
          Dongyang Wenkang Center
          Chongqing Dajiang Dongyang
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          • At a fair and reasonable price, we will provide you with thoughtful and professional services
          • Full qualification / strong capital / on site valuation
          • Service call:+86(025)-52776773
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